“Nikki Rodriguez‭... ‬has a special focus on graphic design‭, ‬digital art‭, ‬and typography‭. ‬Most of the projects in her portfolio reveal her inspiration that generates from a profound sense of wonderment‭. ‬Mostly‭, ‬she is playing with the elements of space‭, ‬astrology‭, ‬and the negative vs‭. ‬positive that indicates an explorative mind‭.‬”

“30‭ ‬Incredible Women Designers from the World of FIFA”
Zillion Designs



Porkbun Design Director
At Porkbun I took on the task of leading all marketing efforts and launching a complete design overhaul as the company reached a certain level of growth and fame. 

  • Revised and reorganized the company's brand structure based on domain product.
  • Designed and developed a new brand with matching company UI.
  • Deployed a successful affiliate program which included digital communications and direct mail. 
  • Educated the company on best branding practices as part of the marketing overhaul.
  • Directed all marketing efforts, directly overseeing everything from concept to design to production. 

TBWA\ The Integer Group Art Director
As lead art director for Pella's premium line of windows and doors, I created and launched their most successful campaign ever. 

  • Responsible for the concept, design and execution of high-level campaigns targeting consumers throughout the shopper marketing journey.
  • Aided in new business pitches and brainstorms.
  • Developed case studies and award-level presentations. 
  • Worked closely with teams throughout the network to create holistic campaigns and launches.
  • Fulfilled extra-departmental roles: copywriting, translating, illustration and animation.
  • Presented creative ideas to internal teams and clients.  
Nikki has been a huge contributor to the Pella team over the last year and done a lot of amazing work from the premium launch to social media animations and everything in-between, she’s brought a ton of passion and talent to everything she’s touched and we can’t thank her enough for her contributions.
— Lisa Braden, Creative Director, TBWA\ The Integer Group

JDG Creative Labs Freelance Art Director
I was brought in as a freelance consultant specifically for my expertise in print packaging design‭. ‬I was given the freedom to work with local printers to develop the best quality products with the budget that we had‭.‬

  • Achieved a high-level understanding of printing processes.
  • Facilitated the creative and printing processes for local small business clients.
  • Gained experience in roles like media buying and account service, while working at a boutique agency.

Ogilvy & Mather Art Director
Alongside my daily roles I was also part of the creative team responsible for brainstorming, designing and producing award-level work. My daily responsibilities included:

  • Led a team of designers, copywriters and art directors. 
  • Concepted and launched of multiple national campaigns, including: directing photoshoots and managing assets; and directing national tv spots and designing look and feel.
  • Collaborated frequently with media and PR teams to deliver print ads, outdoor media, activation and shopper experience, digital ads and social media. 
  • Presented creative ideas to internal teams and clients.

Saku‭ Founder & Creative Director
This uniquely designed experimental art magazine was a side project I launched with a few colleagues‭. ‬It redefined the editorial style in its community and has received international recognition for its unique art-like design‭.‬

  • Coordinated, directed and retouched photoshoots.
  • Identified collaboration opportunities with artists throughout Latin America to create unique content.
  • Designed new layouts for every edition. 
  • Translated, illustrated and scouted for each issue as needed.
  • Managed business-facing aspects including obtaining sponsorship and media sales from local businesses.

Appalachian State University Resident Assistant
As an outstanding member of the Residence Hall community, I was inducted into the National Residence Hall Honorary the year I became an RA. I also held the role of Vice President of Service, helping organize several hours of community outreach for our chapter of NRHH.

  • Supervised 28-32 students in my residence hall. 
  • Served as a community leader, offering advice to my residents on a broad range of collegiate issues.
  • Planned inter-departmental programs, aimed to involve students with relevant collegiate and community departments and organizations.
  • Revamped art for community integration including name tags, program posters and additional signage. 


UNITEC Graphic Communications

Universidad Nacional Padagogica Preschool Education

Appalachian State University Political Science & Economics, Spanish


UI/UX Amanda Morrow

Bid Ideas Fabiana Renault‭, ‬Escuela Superior de Creativos Publicitarios

The Big IdeaL Ranjiv Ramgolan‭, ‬Ogilvy Latin America


Art Shows:

Natural Recall Venice Italy
RAW Omaha, Nebraska
Female Gaze Des Moines, IA
Plein Air Des Moines, IA
80/35 Posters Des Moines, IA


Humane Society
Furry Friends Rescue
Girl Scouts of America
Science Center of Iowa


National Residence Hall Honorary 
Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority



Adobe After Effects
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Muse‭ ‬
Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premier
Adobe XD
Sketch + Invision



Chinese‭ (‬Mandarin‭)‬

Misc Skills & Hobbies:

Creative Concepting

Content Development
Social Media
Writing & Translating
Amateur Astronomy

Video Games

Please feel free to contact me with questions about my work or if you're interested in working with me in the future.